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David Morris Bridal BTS

Behind the Sparkle: David Morris Bridal BTS

It's a rare opportunity when our clients invite us to step behind the curtain and capture the enchantment as it comes to life. For this campaign, we were entrusted by David Morris to document those exceptional moments that played a pivotal role in the success of the Bridal campaign.

This BTS content played a pivotal role in shaping our compelling social-first content strategy.

Date completed
March, 2023
David Morris
Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Creative Consultation, Social Media Strategy Development, Multimedia Production, Videography, Animation, Photography, Resource Management, Music Selection, Digital Content Strategy Development, Social Media Planning, Post-production Editing
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In the world of high-end jewellery, BTS isn't just a glimpse behind the scenes; it's the window to the heart of craftsmanship.
- Bradley Jensen , Co-founder

Our mission was not only to create captivating content but also to showcase the making of this creative masterpiece. Our BTS package included:

A highly impactful video documenting the creative process.

An array of BTS lifestyle photographs, capturing moments with Charlotte Tilbury, styling, and the entire crew.

Crafting four engaging BTS reels, designed to captivate and inform the audience.


The Creative Journey:

  1. Parisian Odyssey: Two days in Paris with a dedicated crew of 16.
  2. Collections Unveiled: We presented 15 exquisite collections, capturing over 55 unique pieces.
  3. Jewellery Valued at £165M+: The sheer value of the jewellery pieces showcased the magnitude of our undertaking.

Just as David Morris stands as a world leader in craftsmanship, it was paramount that we assembled a best-in-class team to support us in this campaign.

BTS presents a unique opportunity to showcase our unwavering dedication to embracing and excelling in the creative journey.


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